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25 Photographs Gone Viral That Are Actually Fake

There have been a number of subtly manipulated photos that have achieved viral status on the Internet due to their perceived authenticity. Later, they were found to be just the work of some Photoshop wizardry. Here are 25 photographs that caused a buzz on the Internet but ended up actually being fake.

1. Photoshop has become continually more accessible for people to hone their photo-editing skills. However, this has also made it hard to determine if a picture on the Internet is authentic or if it’s been manipulated. When this photo of icons Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor made its rounds online, many fans could barely believe their eyes. A photograph of two icons of the era sharing the same frame seemed almost too good to be true, which of course ended up being the case. It was quickly determined that the photo was a composite made from two separate pictures that weren’t just taken by different photographers, but on different years and even on different continents. The photo of Marilyn Monroe was taken in 1950 by photographer Ed Clark in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. The other glamor shot of Elizabeth Taylor was taken two years prior, in 1948, in Hampstead, London by Mark Kauffman.

2. Back in October 2013, a photo claiming to be “The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland” had hopeful tourists believing there was a spot where bright purple trees fenced an even brighter blue river. However, the photo was revealed to be a color edited shot of the Shotover River in New Zealand.

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