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25 Weddings That Became Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

Marriage is something that is supposed to last a lifetime for the newlyweds but depending on the reception, it can be a lifelong memory for the partygoers as well.

Getting an invite to a wedding is a glorious thing. To know that you were one of a select few that were invited to this ceremony has to be a unique and serene feeling. But then you think about all the gifts that you are going to have to buy, the nonexistent date that you are going to have to find, and the perfect outfit that still makes you look gorgeous without upstaging the bride. But then there are the pros; being part of a special ceremony between two people, the open bar, and the dance floor. So with all things considered, going to a wedding ceremony should be a fun time. But here are 25 weddings that didn’t go quite as planned. We went on to Reddit to find some of the most memorable weddings but for all the wrong reasons. Read on to get a good laugh at some of these upcoming pictures.


You almost know you have found ‘the one’ when she is sitting in her wedding dress outside of the chapel refusing to hand over the bottle of champagne that was supposed to be for table #13. Kudos to the photographer for capturing this perfectly timed photo.


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