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Disney Employees Share Stories About The Strangest Things They Have Seen At Work

Disney is a place like no other because it’s one of the few attractions that you can enjoy both as a child and as an adult. However, there is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Here are stories from actual Disney employees about some of the weirdest stuff they’ve witnessed.

1. Alien landing: At the alien scene, there’s a point when the alien actually comes down to scare the guests. It’s about 6 ft. above and comes down 2-3 times and goes back up into the darkness above. One day the alien detaches and falls into the lap of a guest. Everyone freaked out, but before they could run off, they were ushered into a room. The guest services people apologized profusely and the guests were given gifts, refunds, and free tickets just so they wouldn’t go to the press. I got confirmation that all of this actually happened but I’m not sure who the man is. Anyway, all he asked for was to keep the alien. Apparently, he had a collection. So rumor has it that Disney gave him the alien and sent him on his way. They ended up installing a new alien. (Reddit user: shoopdedoop)

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2. No, please, no: While people were standing in line, an adult man crouched down and did his business (like actual #2) in the corner of the theatre. A toddler saw it and put it in his mouth. The mom ran inside with her poop-covered baby to use our washroom. Her half-drunk husband was shambling behind them saying “what? It’s just poop.” (Reddit user: shoopdedoop)

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