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People Share Stories About The Oddest People They Have Seen At The Gym

Most of us head to the gym to get a solid workout, but sometimes the abs get an unexpected session from laughing. From the overly ambitious newbies to the show offs who end up getting shown up, anyone who regularly goes to the gym will have at least a couple of stories of misadventures in the fitness arena.

One Reddit user decided to ask the community what some of their worst and or funniest gym experiences have been, whether it’s happened to them or someone else, and the answers did not disappoint. Here are 25 of the best responses from people whose day at the gym was unexpectedly interrupted.

1. Fake It Till You Make It: “A pretty overweight guy was running at full speed on a treadmill and lost his footing, which sent him flying off of the machine. However, how he recovered from the brutal fall was the best. His treadmill was in front of the mats where people do ab workouts and he landed in such a way that he was pretty much laying on one of the mats. Instead of getting up all embarrassed, he just started doing crunches like nothing even happened.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

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2. Bright Orange: “I used to be overweight so my mother got me a personal trainer. I was only 12 or 13 at the time and had a crush on the woman training me. I wanted to impress her and tried really hard but wasn’t building the muscle I had hoped. I asked my brother for advice and he told me vitamins were key. 10 minutes before my session, I ate all of the vitamin C I could find and washed it down with orange juice to boot. I knew I had made a big mistake when I struggling to hold down the acidic mix during cardio. I was doing okay until the ladder drill came. Halfway through I ended up throwing up fluorescent orange through my nose and mouth. I then slipped and landed in the aftermath.” (Reddit user: tloft)

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