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People Share Stories About Times They Messed With The Wrong Person

Once in a while, people think they’re infallible or otherwise invincible and they’re usually wrong. It’s not easy to backtrack from that level of confidence. When people on Reddit were asked what their most memorable “I messed with the wrong person” moment was, here’s what they had to say:

1. You got a problem…never mind: “A bouncer was sent by his security agency to cover a nightclub in a rough area. The head doorman refused entry to a guy who was too drunk and had caused a scene at another nightclub a few weeks before. Drunk dude started getting in the face of the head doorman and threatening to come back with “The Boys”. Now, normally that’s an empty threat that drunk guys like to holler, but 30 minutes later he came back with a posse of 15 guys who all looked ready to fight.

The doorman put his hand in his pocket and the bouncer starts to think he has a weapon on him, then he pulls out a gumshield. He puts it in his mouth and cracks his knuckles looking completely calm. One of the 15 guys sees this and yells ‘Nah’ and they all took off running. The bouncer was never asked to cover again, they didn’t need him.” (Reddit user: jacktli)

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2. The worst person to mess with: “I was an arrogant 14-year-old. One time I went with my friends to play dodgeball at a trampoline place and I told this twenty-something man that he’s the first person I want to take out. Turns out he was extremely athletic and single-handedly took out my entire team three games in a row, leaving me at the end every time.” (Reddit user: DONT_PM_SIT)

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