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25 Men Share The Harsh Reasons They Stopped Texting A Girl Back

The male gender certainly isn’t the subject of popular discussion in the media lately. Now, users of the internet have come together to discuss why men stop texting girls after talking to them regularly.

Reddit user, @ayyylmaothrowawayyyy posted a question on the forum-style website, asking male users to explain the reason why they stop talking to their female counterparts. There is any number of reasons that a person might ghost or stop talking to another whether they be due to a toxic relationship, or an intolerance for a certain kind of behavior. Whatever the case may be, there are far better ways to go about discontinuing contact with a person rather than dropping all formal communication.

Whatever the case may be, the following 25 men stopped talking to women for a wide variety of reasons that you can see here.

1) It Felt Like A Chore: Our conversations and keeping up with talking to her began to feel like a chore. She didn’t seem interested in me like she used to. It felt like everything I said wasn’t worth our time. I decided that I’d respond only if she initiates conversation, but that I would give no more effort. I wanted to see what would happen if I did stop initiating contact. I haven’t got a response from her since, and my beliefs became truer than I had hoped. (Reddit user: @RandomUsername416)

2) It Wasn’t Reciprocated: I stopped talking to this girl I liked a year or so again. Our conversations were so stale and whenever we did talk it always had to circle about what she wanted to talk about. It was always about her. Whenever I tried talking about something that pertained to me and it was MY turn to talk, the enthusiasm dropped. I would only get one-word replies. I’m not about that life so I stopped talking to her. (Reddit user: surnguy)

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