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People On The Internet Share The Reasons Why They Are Or Aren’t Vegan

Diet and nutrition are a big deal to a lot of people. Not just because it is a fuel source for our bodies but also because it helps our body composition.

For those who are not nutritionists, there are four macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and alcohol. Each contains some sort of nutritional value aside from alcohol. Now, most people would consume a combination of all these macronutrients but there are some people who just run better on a high-fat diet or a high carb diet. And nowadays, with the internet and the abundance of ‘diet gurus’ out there, it is hard to know what really works best without first trying it out for yourself. Veganism has really started to enter into the spotlight and more and more people are switching to plant based diets. The myths around lacking protein have long been debunked and there are many supplements out there that can help enhance a vegan or vegetarian diet. And with more and more people switching to eating strictly vegetables, the recipes for a plant based diet are only getting better. With imitation chicken and tofu and beans, a vegan diet has shown that it can be just as delicious as a meat eater’s diet.


‘My love of cheese actually led me to veganism. I tried making cheese from scratch for my birthday present and that’s when I learned how cheese was made. The milk is meant for the cow’s baby and not for me. It made me sick to imagine impregnating an animal just to take her milk.’ (TheVeganFoundYou)

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