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People Share Stories On Why They Practice Or Don’t Practice A Religion

Religion really is a personal choice. As a kid, you go with your family’s belief but as you get older you make your own decisions. At the end of the day, it’s something that only you can decide. Here are 25 people sharing their stories on why they are or aren’t religious.

1. We grow up believing everything that we’re told by the people we look up to. But then there are moments in life that cause us to question things, particularly religion. One user asked the Reddit community “why or why aren’t you religious?”. People came forward with their stories. One noted, “I was raised as a Southern Baptist and I used to believe quite strongly. My faith began to fade in my late teens. I had a bad experience with it. I got my girlfriend pregnant in high school and many of the people treated me like crap. Where was the undying love and compassion the preached about?” (Sinnerman77).


UnEnding Mercy

2. Another Reddit user discovered the world of multiple religions in University. “A classmate and I took a world religions class that had a speech to people from different faiths. We both went to different places of worship. After that class, that was the end of trying to establish any one religion, let alone my own, as true.” (SpeakSoSoftly).

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