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Hilarious ‘I Woke Up To This’ Pictures

The piercing sound of an alarm clock followed by the dread of having to leave the comforts of a duvet cocoon is what most of us expect when we open our eyes to a new day. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s a vulnerable time when we drift off to la la land and sometimes, we wake up with more questions than we had when our heads initially hit the pillow. Whether it’s the aftermath of one booze-fueled evening or just chance oddity, there are certain wake-up experiences can be more alarming than an actual alarm clock.

People all over the Internet have shared some hilarious photos of things that they’ve woken up to that are truly questionable. You may think you know what you’re going to wake up to before you doze off, but you can never really be sure. Here are 25 of the funniest “I woke up to this” photos that got mornings off to one weird start.

1. “Gave this guy a piece of bacon on my way home from the bar last night. Followed me ten blocks home,” Reddit user, urscriptisweak, wrote. “This is how I woke up.” Let’s just hope that that cat doesn’t have fleas or this guy might have woken up with more than one new pet.

2. “So I woke up and ended up in a Disney movie,” wrote Reddit user JSpinnler. If there was ever a moment to spontaneously break out into song, this would be it. Maybe if this person plays their cards right they can get them to help clean up their abode or even conjure up a ball gown.

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