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25 Famous Female Serial Killers

Serial killers and mass murderers have long been thought of as psychopathic men who have no sympathy or empathy. But in reality, women can also display such horrific acts of crime.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Monster, you’re probably well aware that women are just as capable as men to commit horrific, atrocious and disturbing crimes. When it comes to a disturbed mind, violence and murder has no preferred gender. There are countless male and female prisoners all over the world who are currently serving out sentences for murder and other just as heinous crimes. And then there is an even smaller portion of the prison population that is women in maximum security prisons. The women who have found themselves confined behind these bars are downright dangerous and perhaps even psychopathic human beings with absolutely no regard for humanity and the law. Here is a look at some of the most dangerous female prisoners that have either been in jail, are still in jail or have died. Whether they are an ‘Angel of Death’ or act as the Bonnie to their Clyde, these women are vicious and brutal killers.

  1. Catherine Birnie and her husband David Birnie were responsible for the murders of four women in the 1980’s. They also attempted to murder a fifth victim. Referred to as the Moorhouse murderers, both were sentenced to life in prison. Catherine currently resides in Bandyup Women’s Prison and will remain there for life.

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