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28 Woodstock Photos That Will Take You Back To 1969

Woodstock was a music festival that attracted hundreds of thousands of people and changed the face of Rock and Roll. The famous 1969 festival was one of the most profound and prolific musical events in all of history. Here are 28 Woodstock photos that will take you back to 1969.

1. The impact that Woodstock had on music, culture and the world still resonates in society today. With legendary acts from Janis Joplin to The Who, Woodstock will forever go down in history as a musical event with one of the best lineups of all time. The psychedelic experience and celebration of love, music, and peace had a major impact on music and musical events all over the world. Woodstock was a catalyst, which inspired hundreds of music festivals that have since taken place. However, none will quite compare to the legendary Woodstock of ‘69. The first day of the historic festival was August 15, 1969. Over 400,000 people came together on a dairy farm in upstate New York to celebrate music, love, peace and most of all Rock and Roll. The festival was scheduled to be a three-day affair, but ultimately it ended up being four days long, ending on August 18th, 1969.

2. This is one of the original advertisements released to promote the legendary music festival. This rare handbill advertised the first location in Wallkill, New York. However, just weeks prior to the opening of the festival, the town of Wallkill revoked the permit and the festival had to find new grounds.

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