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Women Talk About The Worst Case Of Sexism They Deal With Every Day

In the last fifty years, we’ve taken great leaps in combatting sexism, and women have far greater opportunities than we’ve had at almost any other time in history. But unfortunately, like a stain that you can’t scrub out of the bathroom floor, a quieter strain of sexism remains.

Sure, getting catcalled by some jerk on the street or condescendingly told how to do your own job isn’t the height of oppression. But it’s still pretty darn annoying and, when it happens every day, it starts to add up. The more women talk about it and name it for what it is, the easier it is to stomp it out. Read on to hear twenty-five women talk about the annoying sexist situations they face on a day-to-day basis.

1. “Women are expected to be exceedingly polite to men who are hitting on them, even if they’ve already said no. Even if the man is saying something gross or inappropriate. You can see people complaining about girls who lie about having boyfriends all over the internet – but none of them seem to think about why she would say that.” (PancakeSanchez)

2. I was getting my phone checked for an issue at the Apple Store, and when I tried to explain what the issue likely was, he ignored me. A couple minutes later my boyfriend (who went with me) repeated what the problem with the phone probably was. The guy helping me was like “Yeah, that’s probably what was going on. This is a smart guy. Do you ever get mad at him for being so smart?” It didn’t tick me off. It honestly just made me sad.” (deleted)

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