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People Share Stories About Their Worst Restaurant Experiences

Being a foodie can be difficult. Restaurant workers are often under a lot of stress with various tasks that they need to complete before the day is over.

Keeping track of everything from food orders to tables to split bills is bound to be overwhelming and confusing. There have been a multitude of struggles that come with serving guests in a restaurant much less the struggles of being a guest in a restaurant. Some people don’t care to treat their wait staff kindly, while others try go out of their way to be kind to those who will be in charge of cooking their food and bringing it to them.

Still, there can be complications. There are stories of wait staff dealing with unruly guests, guests who won’t pay due to the simplest misgiving, and even guests who dine and dash. On the flip side, there are also stories from guests who have received food that’s cold, uncooked, filled with allergy inducing ingredients or sharp objects, etc.

Here’s a list of 25 redditors explaining their worst experiences at restaurants.

1. “We went out to eat, sat down, and placed our order. Kid’s meal wasn’t what she wanted so we sent it back. Manager comes out and decides to explain to my 8-year-old that she was being ‘wasteful’. We interrupt to defend our child, he gets mad and starts yelling at us because now he’ll have to throw away the sandwich. We’re like ‘Okay, but can you bring us what we ordered?’ He says no, tells us to get out, so we do. He chases after us demanding we pay, but the way I see it we never even got to eat our meal. His restaurant closed about a year later.” (Pahasapapapa)

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