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Top 28 Worst Walmart Customers Ever

Walmart is notorious for being a place where all sorts of people come to shop, often dressed unusually and doing extremely odd things. Here are 28 of the worst customers that have shopped at Walmart.

Some people have absolutely no shame, while others are just completely unaware of their surroundings and live in their own bubble. Some people also just don’t really care about what others think, and live their lives in that way. While I for the most part agree with this, there’s also a line that shouldn’t be crossed, especially when going out in public. Firstly because laws such as public indecency and public nudity need to be enforced and secondly because social etiquette is a thin yet delicate line. You’re bound to see a few things out of the ordinary pretty much anywhere you go in life, but for some reason Walmart seems to attract more bizarre behavior than any other public places. From men wearing extremely promiscuous clothing, wardrobe malfunctions, inappropriate diaper changing and literal fist fights these are just a few of the worst customers to have entered a Walmart.


  1. Why go to Walmart in regular clothes when you can wear matching pajamas with your friend instead? Pajama day should be everyday! The look on that little boy’s face suggests how we all feel. Note: no animals were harmed in the creation of this outfit.

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