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Dog Comes Out Of Nowhere, Grabs Little Girl And Tosses Her Across The Yard

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend, and after you read this story you’ll finally understand just how true that statement really is. A family Doberman is being hailed a hero by friends and family after it saved a 17-month-old girl from being attacked by a snake.  

 When Charlotte Svilicic was playing in the yard with her pet dog, her mother noticed that the dog was being a bit more aggressive than usual. “Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressive towards Charlotte and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working, so he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her more than a metre,” revealed Charlotte’s mother, Catherine Svilicic, to Adelaide Now.


Immediately after he threw the child, Khan the dog barked. That’s when Catherine realized what was really going on. The Doberman was protecting the girl from getting bit by a snake. As a result, he got bit instead. “I realized quickly it was a snake and Khan had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her,” the mother continued.

Once bitten, the Doberman attempted to run inside but promptly collapsed. However, the canine was given an anti-venom by a veterinarian. He had to endure staying the night at the vet’s office, but that’s what you have to deal with when you get bit by a venomous snake. He managed to survive the life-threatening event and is now being called a hero by the Svilicic family.

The incident occurred just four days after the Doberman was introduced to the family. Even though he barely knew the humans, that didn’t stop the animal from risking his life for his new owner. The pet owner’s had adopted Khan after learning that he had suffered from an abusive home.   

 According to Catherine, when Khan was rescued by Kerry Kinder, the owner of Doberinling Boarding Kennels, he was found starving with broken ribs. Apparently, he had been beaten. He was in such bad condition that they even considered putting him down.


However, they decided to give him a second chance at life and adopt the sweet dog. Luckily for them, the decision may have saved their daughter’s life. “If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life,” said Catherine.

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