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This Nurse Is Being Dubbed As ‘The World’s Prettiest’ And We Totally See Why

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Meet the girl who has been deemed the world’s most beautiful nurse. After her Instagram was found and the photos shared on the internet, 23-year-old Carina Linn found out that her Instagram was immensely popular, quickly gaining over 400,000 followers in a few short weeks.

She gained so much attention so quickly that she has since privatized her Instagram account and deleted over half of the images.

Carina didn’t understand the attention she was getting. ‘My profession is still a full-time nurse as before. I am a nurse, a nurse who does shifts at a hospital. I am not a model or a photographer. Even more so, I’m not taking pictures because I’m trying to be famous.’

She also explained that she doesn’t think she is anything special, she just does things that make her happy and feels like she’s living a pretty normal life. Despite her modesty, there are definitely still a ton of people who find the Taiwanese nurse absolutely stunning.

Nurse at Heart: Carina seems to be very career orientated. Perhaps that’s why she made her Instagram private. She really isn’t looking for any attention, and yet she keeps on getting it.

Selfie Game: It’s pretty easy to see why she’s getting all the attention she has. She’s effortlessly gorgeous, and has an extremely fit figure.

Body Suit: She takes lots of photos in body suits, which show off a fair amount of skin as well as the tattoos on her arms.

Health: It looks like she lives an active and healthy lifestyle, and being a nurse she is probably the epitome of health.

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