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Nutritionists Reveal 10 Foods They Will Never Touch


We have all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ so that’s why most of us TRY to eat as healthily as possible. Whether it be consuming some more green vegetables or just increasing the protein intake, we should all be a little more aware of the foods that we put into our body.

So here are the top ten things that nutritionists will not put into their bodies.

Whether it be candy, sweets or biscuits, there might be some things in here that you wouldn’t expect!

Sugar. According to Vanessa Quarmby, who is a nutritionist and dietitian, she says that there is no nutritional value in sugar and that she tries to avoid foods such as cakes, biscuits, sweets and convenience foods or drinks.


Diet foods. Amanda Hamilton from Viva Coco says that she adamantly stays away from diet foods. So things such as diet soda or artificial sweeteners are things that she actively avoids.


She said: ‘the whole concept of low-fat eating is old fashioned and artificial sweeteners are disruptive to gut health and can lead to more sweet cravings long term. I prefer to keep things natural.’


Factory-farmed meat. A lot of nutritionists also say to avoid factory-farmed meat. That way the consumer can avoid toxins, chemicals, and bacteria. Furthermore, there is the whole ethical benefit to avoiding factory-farmed meat.


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