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Michelle Obama Finally Reveals Her Natural Hair And This Is How People Reacted


The internet has been going crazy after a recent photo of former FLOTUS Michelle Obama was shared on Twitter of her rocking her natural hair. She appears to be returning from a vacation and her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail.

People are losing their minds because this is the first time in Barack Obama’s 8 years as the president that the world has seen her natural hair. And this is causing quite a stir of opinions.

Opinions are divided, with some people thinking this is a progressive and empowering thing, some not understanding why anyone would want to talk about her hair, and others angered at the fact that a black woman’s natural hair is the subject of so much attention.

Check out some of the tweets and opinions and then check out the photo for yourself. What do you think? Is this an empowering and progressive moment or another situation in which a black woman is being talked about because of her hair?

Some people are very excited to see her with her natural hair as opposed to one of the many hairstyles we’ve seen throughout the years that are either straightened, relaxed, or blown out. 

Others feel like this is empowering for a black woman as we currently live in a time when certain workplaces ban certain hairstyles such as dreadlocks. Black women with hair similar to Michelle’s are happy to celebrate the natural beauty. 

Then there are those who are angered that this is a topic that is even being discussed at all. One twitter user asking ‘When will MSM learn to NOT comment on Black Women’s hair’

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.47.32 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

Although both opinions are quite opposite, they both bring forth some interesting and solid facts. Whether it be celebrating and inspired, angered, or confused. 

The original poster of the photo captioned it saying they had been waiting on this for 3 years. Others were clearly interested as well as the tweet has received over 30,000 retweets and almost 100k likes after being posted on April 2.

Another twitter user shared that if she had seen Michelle wearing her hair naturally when she was still the First Lady, it would have been very important to her.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.50.13 PMtwitter

Michelle Obama’s hairstylist Johnny Wright confirmed that the photo of her is, in fact, real and that when she left, her hair had been blown out straight. ‘She just got back from vacation, I think, on Friday,’ he said. ‘I’m not sure if it was her going to the airport or coming back. But that is her, and it’s recent.’

Wright also shared that as a woman with her complexion, figure, and hair texture, she has already given other women the representation they need. He also said Michelle preferred wearing her hair straight and it had nothing to do with avoiding curls or negative comments. Although one can never know for sure. 

However, that hasn’t stopped others from voicing their opposing opinions on the matter. Some people strongly believe that she didn’t embrace her natural locks during Obama’s presidency because it would have been seen as unprofessional.

Some people find it ridiculous that instead of discussing all of the great things Michelle Obama has done over the years, people are choosing to speak about her hairstyles.

People seem to be after some sort of explanation as to why she was wearing her natural hair when the answer is quite simple. Wright explained that she probably got in the water and didn’t feel like straightening it herself. Probably didn’t even think twice about it.

Several people on twitter have taken to the comments to express their opinions on the matter. Unfortunately, there are a few who are throwing in negative comments. However, there are also other black women who celebrate her feeling free to rock it naturally after keeping it styled for 8 years. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.02.00 PM huffingtonpost

Whether you think it’s a big deal, or not, here is the photo of Michelle Obama rocking her natural hair. She looks beautiful, comfortable, and is glowing as usual.

Whether or not Michelle will continue to incorporate natural looks into her life is really nobody’s concern but hers.

If she likes to straighten and relax her hair, then she is completely free to do so. Although there are some people who think she should have done this sooner, and others who are annoyed with the spotlight. It’s nobody’s hair but hers.

What’s your take on this? Do you think that Michelle Obama rocking her hair naturally is empowering and that she should have done it sooner? Or do you agree with those who think that this type of attention is disrespectful?

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