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16 Everyday Objects That Left-Handed People Find Useless

Let be honest, we’re living in a right-handed world. Only 10% of the population is left-handed, which is why it can be so easy to forget about their needs and struggles. Most things that are made in this world are for right-handed people.

According to CNN, scientists don’t know why some people are born left-handed, but psychologists believe genes are responsible 25% of the time. Being a lefty tends to run in the family, but not as much as other inherited traits.

Regardless of the science behind being a lefty, let’s be real here; there are some everyday objects that lefties either can’t use or have to get creative with. If you’re a lefty, you can totally relate to these 16 examples.

1. Wearing watches is possible, but it’s not as simple as it is for right-handed people. It could be hard finding watches with the crown on the left.

2. Cup holders in your car are pretty useless since they’re on the right side of the car. There are some cars that have holders in the door however.

3. Spiral-bound notebooks are completely useless for the left-handed out there. Lefties can use it, but it’s really uncomfortable.

4. Getting mugs that have graphics on them is a fun idea, but you never really get the joy of seeing them. You get the dull and blank side.

5. Highlighting your readings becomes a guessing game. You could be highlighting the phrase you intended to or you could be highlighting the sentence above it. Who knows.

6. Using a ladle with a spout is completely useless. Because it’s on the wrong side, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for disaster and soup will spill everywhere.

7. Because can openers are completely backwards, they will most likely work about 0% of the time. Say goodbye to eating canned goods. 

8. The struggle was so real in grade school when you had to learn how to use right-handed scissors. Unless you came prepared and got yourself a pair of lefty scissors.

9. Measuring liquids is honestly impossible for you. Holding the measuring cup the way you need to just ends up showing you the metric lines. It just makes your life way more complicated.

10. Being a lefty in gym class was pretty tough. There were never enough lefty gloves for baseball games, and using a right-handed one was just completely pointless.

11. Zipping up your jacket may take you a couple of tries because you end up using your useless right hand to close your jacket. On the plus side, you can turn it into a game.

12. Video games cause a huge challenge because all the important keys on the controller are on the right side. But everyone likes a bit of a challenge.

13. People tend to come up to you and tell you that you’re wearing your belt upside-down. They really make you feel that you are wearing it differently than everyone else. Thanks.

14. When you’re sitting behind this kind of desk, you literally have to turn your entire body just to be able to write.

15. Pens and pencils in general become the true enemy. Your hands end up looking like a fancy painting that you have to look at to really understand what’s going on.

16. You need to ask a right-handed person to help you cut a piece of meat or cake. The edge on a serrated knife is always on the wrong side.


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