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Mother Of 8 Children On Welfare Claims She Can’t Get A Job Because She’s Just Too Good Looking


Notoriously known as “Octomum”, Marie Buchan is making headlines again. This time she’s claiming that she’s unable to get a job in her field due to her good looks. Previously, Marie received flack on certain choices she’s made that include:

  • Collecting $2,000 dollars a month in benefits
  • Money used for selfish reasons
  • Hiring an agent to capitalize her fame

Marie has been criticized by some for “mooching off the system”, as she’s been living off of benefits since she gave birth to her first child at 19.

Though Marie dreams of becoming a mechanic, she claims that she is unable to find work in a field full of men. “They’re not really after me working there, they’re looking for something more,” Marie explained to The Sun.  

Marie has made several television appearances voicing her opinions despite some people criticizing her approach.

She had initially made headlines when people found out she was using her “wages” for superficial things like funding a music video, and wanting to get a breast augmentation. 

However, Marie believes that being a parent is a tough, full time job in itself and that finding a job in her field is even harder.

Studying to be a mechanic, Marie speaks out about sexism in the industry and wanting to put an end to it. “I’m not going to be able to get the experience I need in a garage full of men,” she told the Daily Star.

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