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10 Odd Things Your Body Says About You


Although the constitution of our body is based more on genetics than personal choice, there are still methods in which we can alter our appearance or perform superhuman feats with it. This simply means that our genetics or bone structure shouldn’t be an excuse or a crutch for not accomplishing our dreams. Just because one part of our body has statistically shown to have an increased chance of ‘X’ does not mean we should throw it all away and eat junk food everyday! However, our bone structure IS pretty much all genetics and experts have argued that this predetermined factor can predict many things in the future.

From body parts such as long fingers, tongues, and toe length, there are certain indicators that might foreshadow some future events.

Here are 10 body parts that can say odd (or good) things about you! (Backed by science, of course.)

1. Body fat. Most people assume that body fat is stored the same way in every person but in reality, your genes, environment, lifestyle and age all dictate where you store your body fat! That’s why a look into where someone stores their fat can reveal a lot about their lifestyle choices.

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Body experts have said that a larger lower abdomen is indicative of anxiety or depression whereas a fatty upper body is a sign of overeating and a chunkier upper back is indicative of a sedentary lifestyle.


A professor from the University of Sweden’s Boden Institute of Obesity has said that genetics play a large role in where one stores fat but with exercise and nutrition everyone can lower their body fat. She said that men tend to store fat around their midriff, chest and neck whereas in general, women tend to store fat around their hips, thighs, and bottom.

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2. Finger length. Yes, finger length can say a lot about you and no, I am not talking about palm reading. New studies have shown that the length of your index finger compared to your ring finger can say a lot about you.

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A neuroscientist from the University of Alberta has said that a ring finger that is significantly longer than your index finger is a sign of a ‘surge in testosterone in the middle of the second trimester.’ And for women, a longer index finger compared to their ring finger can be signs of high fertility but increased risks of breast cancer.


This surge can influence future behaviors and health. For instance, the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) has found that men with an index finger that was longer than their ring finger had a lower chance of developing prostate cancer.

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In the same ICR study, where they took away factors such as family history, men older than 60 (with a longer index finger) were 33% less likely, on average, to develop prostate cancer. Younger men, under 60, had an even greater reduction at 87%!

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3. Toe length. If your second toe is longer than your first toe then that means you are a born leader and level headed. It has been said that the rulers of Egyptian and Hawaiian dynasties all had a longer second toe.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 at 11.10.49 AMWikipedia

A large third toe is a sign of high energy, motivation and passion, and a longer first toe means you are clever and creative. A shorter, stubbier first toe is said to be a supreme multi-tasker.

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A tiny little toe means you are more childlike in nature, embraces fun, and doesn’t really care for responsibilities. So look at your toes and see if they match you!

Picture Dictionary for KidsPicture-Dictionary-for-Kids

4. Body type. Scientists have, in general, set two body types: android, which is more ‘apple’ shaped, and a pear-shaped body. An apple shaped denotes fat storage around the chest and lower belly whereas pear shaped, is around hips and thighs.

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People with an apple or a rectangular (swimmer’s body) are thought to be more athletic and sporty and have a craving for energy loaded foods with their excess sugar and carbs. The pear shaped denotes a higher chance of developing ovarian cancer but a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

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5. Tongue. The color of your tongue can say a lot about you. Why else do doctors make you go ‘aaahhh…?’


An excessively red, white or black tongue can be signs of a serious infection or bacterial growth. A sore tongue can be due to too much stress or excessive smoking.

The Chopra CenterThe Chopra Center

6. Skin. Your skin can say a lot about you. Rash, spots or discoloration are signs of an infection or medical conditions such as hives, diabetes, or allergies.


The color of your skin or your ‘glow’ can also say a lot. Obviously red can mean anything from frustrated, to angry or just embarrassed. Pale can be tired, sick or anxious.


7. The size of your feet. Foot size has been correlated to lifespan. A Swedish study has found that one’s longevity increases as their foot size increases until the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Once someone reaches size 11, the maximum lifespan of 82 years was reached and then every foot size increase from then on resulted in a lower lifespan.


8. The size of your hand. If you have a big hand, which is determined by putting your thumb on your elbow and touching your wrist with your middle finger. If you can do that, you have a big hand. People with big hands are expected to be perfectionists and sensitive while those with small hands are risk-takers and more direct when solving problems.


9. Lips. The color and state of your lips can say a lot about your lifestyle. Dry and cracked lips can be signs of a diet lacking zinc, iron and vitamin B. Full lips mean you are a strong, authoritative figure in dealing with others and deeply involved in relationships. Thin lips on the other hand are meant to be individualistic, self-reliant and independent.

10. The size of your legs. Skinny or thin legs on a woman can be signs of increased heart disease. While, shorter legs also mean the same thing. I guess you can’t win that one eh? Well, no! Nutritionists, dietitians and doctors have all said that diet and exercise can do wonders for your health and longevity. Who knew?!

Institute for Integrative HealthcareInstitute for Integrative Healthcare


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