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12 Of The Oddest Pictures On The Internet That Will Make You Look Twice


Sometimes, a photo is timed so perfectly that it can almost be an optical illusion. Whether it be the angle, placement of the subjects, or a glitch, some pretty interesting photography has been the result of an accident.

Luckily, some of these photos have made it to the internet, some intentional—others maybe not so much. See if you can tell what’s up with them. Some are pretty obvious, and others are going to stump you.

Here are 12 pictures that are so bizarre you might have to do a double take

1. Okay, I know this might look alarming at first, but that isn’t actually that little girl’s legs or behind. It’s just her mom’s knee tucked strangely.

2. Do you see it? It kind of looks like this guy is wearing a Snow White dress. The paintings surrounding him are tomatoes but it sure helps the image.

3. Well, this woman sure seems to have a big appetite. I wonder what’s in her shirt? Is it a hot dog? Perhaps a Twinkie. So many questions.

4. Can you spot it? There’s a hidden iPad somewhere in this picture but it’s camouflaged pretty darn well.

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