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Dascha Polanco’s Daughter Is On ‘Orange Is The New Black’ And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

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A lot of us can’t seem to get enough of the Netflix hit show “Orange is the New Black”. The show is packed with action, drama and even a little bit of comedy. The cast does a phenomenal job on the show.

The show has used the cast’s family members to play their younger selves during flashback scenes. For example, in the backstory episode for Sophia Burset, the transgender inmate played by Laverne Cox, the show used her actual twin brother to play her pre-surgery.

In the latest season, season 5, they did it again. This time it was with Dascha Polanco’s character, Daya. Fans gain some insight into the relationship between the character and her mother Aleida, played by Elizabeth Rodriguez. The episode is called “Tied to the Tracks”.

Episode 8 shows a little insight on Daya’s life when she was 14-years-old. The episode shows the young girl making a move on a guy.

It was the same guy that a friend of hers really liked, but Daya decided to go for it because she listened to her mother’s advice.

But viewers were a little distracted during the episode. They were shocked at how much both actresses looked alike.

In fact, they look like identical twins. Turns out, the actress who was playing young Daya was actually Dascha Polanco’s daughter in real life.

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