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10 Old Color Photos Show How The World Looked 100 Years Ago


It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when computers couldn’t be contained in the palm of our hands. The thought of self-driving cars would have been reduced to ‘crazy talk.’ But now, there are literal computers in our pockets that can double as phones, cameras, and recording devices.

It wasn’t until around 1935 that things started to change and the use of photographs began to grow. But black and white pictures have always been chock full of memories. In this list, we have compiled some the oldest and first color photos ever. These images were colored using the process known as Autochrome Lumière, invented in 1907 and perfect in 1935 with the invention of Kodachrome film.

For the process of Autochrome Lumière, photographers used a combination of potato starch and light-sensitive emulsion to create color. From serene beaches to happy family portraits, here are 10 old school colored pictures. 

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As mentioned earlier, the first camera wasn’t employed until around the early 1900’s. They certainly did not resemble the nimble, sleek modern cameras that we see today.

They also had to go through a tedious process of processing the film and producing a physical copy. Unlike nowadays, where pictures will instantly pop up on our screens after we snap them.


This picture is serene and peaceful in so many ways. You see this young girl with her doll sitting on a bundle. But the army gear and rifles to the side of her indicate that she might be waiting for her father.


Flying was believed to be ‘unachievable’ not that long ago. But kids (thankfully) still continued to dream, and this sort of passion has been displayed since centuries ago.

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