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Mom Has Dinner With Future Son-In-Law, Days Later Uncovers Old Photo That Sends Chills Down Her Spine


The beautiful thing about old photos is that they can be stored in a box and kept away. These days, photos are kept on a phone, and if the phone is destroyed, the photos can be lost. There is a recent story where a mother uncovers an old photo that would change the lives of her daughter and son-in-law.

Before I get to that story, I want to talk about fate. Fate is defined as a development of events that occur beyond a person’s control. Some people believe that fate doesn’t exist and they make their own life based on their own decisions. But sometimes there are incidents that take place that we can’t explain.

Continue reading to find out what happened when a mother uncovers an old photo.

The story begins with the marriage of Heidi and Ed Savitt. They got married this past summer and never thought that anything could shake up their relationship. They met in 2011 at the Newcastle University in London.


Ed moved into the student housing that Heidi used to live in and they started dating immediately. From there it was nothing short of spectacular for six years. But when Ed finally met Heidi’s mother, something changed. Heidi’s mother suspected that there was something more to Ed than what meets the eye.

old photo

So Heidi’s mother trusted her hunch and began to dig into Ed’s past. She found an old photo that revealed some shocking information. The photo showed that there was much more to Ed’s story than both families realized.

old photo iQoncept/

During a dinner party, Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, was discussing how much she loved sailing during the holidays with Ed’s mother Fiona Savitt. That is when Kay mentioned that Heidi had a cute holiday boyfriend named Ed when she was six-years-old. The two met in Turkey. When Fiona heard that the boy’s name was Ed, she dropped her wine glass.

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