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20+ Times Older People Failed To Use Social Media, And It Was Hilariously Adorable

Many of us have had to learn to adapt to the emergence of social media and how it has changed the way we communicate, but the younger generation has become experts without any real choice. The older generation, who are still signing off text messages with email signatures, haven’t had the easiest time understanding the world of social media, and unfortunately for them, their learning process has been quite public.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a friend request or follow from a grandparent is well aware that having to do damage control is right around the corner. Many elderly folk misuse social networking in a way that is usually well-intended yet hilariously adorable.

Here are 24  times older people failed to use social media but made our feeds much more entertaining because of it.

1. It may not always be easy for older people to get with the times, but sometimes that’s because their expectations are just a little too high. Holly figured if she demanded Facebook to upload her Christmas pictures, it would just do it for her. Not quite yet Holly, but maybe one day “the” Facebook will be able to satisfy your admirably polite demands.

2. It doesn’t take long for a vaguely emotional Facebook status filled with teen angst to get hijacked by some grandparental love. This caps lock-happy grandmother is well aware that this status wasn’t directed at her, but that didn’t stop her from unleashing the love on her showily independent grandchild’s post.

Know Your Meme

3. Grandparents rarely have any filter in real life so why would anyone assume that they would hold back from behind a keyboard? Nancy dished out the love but not before delivering some harsh yet solid life advice. Procrastination tweets may be relatable to other students but grandparents are like the life coaches of social media that no one asked for.

4. This woman may have figured out how to upload a picture to Facebook, but just not on her own page. However, maybe she’s more suave than we know. Maybe this woman knows that she’s bound to get a lot more attention on a page boasting millions of likes. If so, kudos to you and your color coordination.

5. Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” status bar prompt is more of a suggestion and not a demand, but not all new users are aware of that. While Maxine may not have any comment at this time, she figured she might as well send out an all-inclusive greeting to keep her social media presence active.

6. Finding an appropriate Facebook group to post a service request ad is pretty advanced for those unfamiliar with the world of social media. While this woman may have been able to maneuver her way to the right page, she isn’t ready to let the keyboard do all of the work.

7. Anyone who has spent a fair share of time on Facebook knows that a controversial comment section can be one entertaining read. This woman, however, felt the need to print out 15 pages of comments to read on her morning commute. Hey, some people like e-books and some still prefer to turn a page.

8. No matter who you are, if you’ve had social media long enough, you’ve definitely encountered spam messages from automated bots. This lady, however, is apparently unaware that she’s being spammed and thinks she’s actually being pursued by one aggressively blunt woman. Her public shaming may not get Almeta to simmer, but at least she’ll probably discover through comments that this isn’t personal.

9. Facebook business profiles are a great way to connect brands with their customers but rarely do people take their posts as personally as this Redditor’s relative. “My 73-year-old aunt commenting on this Outback post from almost 3 years ago.” No wonder she’s tired, sounds like some hefty scrolling took place.

10. Search bars, status bars, browser bars — it’s not an easy world for newcomers, especially when Google has a Facebook page of their own. It’s because of this that many people’s inquiries became much more public than they intended. Hopefully, these curious folks eventually found the answers they were looking for.

11. Social media is chock-full of pictures of food and babies but rarely do people get the two confused. This woman was just trying to pay her respects to a seemingly delicious dish, however, was completely unaware that she was actually looking at someone’s ultrasound. Glasses can be a crucial before commenting.

12. One might initially assume that this grandmother accidentally posted a status instead of a reminder to herself. However, that finishing “ugh!” seems to indicate that she has no problem sharing the more gauche details of her life. Considering her aunt’s equally as brazen comment, this openness seems to run in the family.

13. Most of us shamelessly unfriend or unfollow people whose posts grow tiresome, but the older generation is apparently much more polite than that. Mary felt the need to inform Josephine that her posting was taking up too much of her feed in a very direct way. Luckily, Josephine was very understanding in her response.

14. Some people may use social media incorrectly, but that doesn’t always mean that they won’t benefit from it. Patricia skipped quite a few steps by just writing “shower chair” onto Walmart’s Facebook page. However, Walmart pulled through and saved her some clicks in the process. Will she ever learn? Maybe not, but at least she found a shower chair.

15. According to this article, there’s some surprising hidden benefit to microwaving onions. However, Susan wants to make sure that people don’t get too ahead of themselves when it comes to microwave experimentation. Onions in the microwave? She’ll allow it. Newborns and cats? Susan kindly requests that you do not.

16. Cat pictures are usually a surefire way to win over your followers, but adorable was not the feeling that was conveyed for this very blunt grandfather. This thank you post somehow ended up getting met with an insult, and through grandma nonetheless. Was this comment on a thank you post to them? Or to someone completely random? Not sure which is worse.

Reddit /u/ bobaimee

17. There are a lot of people who love Wendy’s chili, but not many people are as passionate about it as Christine. Getting straight to the source, Christine is looking to start a movement to make sure that her access to chili remains in close proximity. Hopefully, everyone’s favorite braided redhead pulled through for this loyal customer.

18. The brutal honesty of a grandmother is not limited to just to her grandchildren. Judy is really just looking out for Ashley’s friend, but she could probably soften the blow a bit when informing her that a photo isn’t very flattering of her. Despite her grandmother’s concern, Ashley probably knew exactly what she was doing when she posted that picture.

19. Most people search endlessly to find the perfect birthday picture that’s both comical yet personal to post to their good friend’s Facebook page on their special day. This person, however, decided to not limit themselves and just send every potential happy birthday funny picture that Google images has to offer.

Reddit /u/ corghi

20. For retail employees who feel like they go unnoticed, this inquiry from Josh may give you a shred of hope. Hopefully, Jasper moved on to bigger and better things, but maybe he’ll end up stumbling across this post and be able to finally connect with someone who clearly admires his skills as a greeter.

21. Rob clearly has a lot of thoughts to share with Best Buy on their Facebook page, but it seems that they aren’t all that positive if they keep getting deleted. Now that Rob has opted for threats, he’ll probably end up in contact with someone more directly than he would probably like.

22. Denice tried her best to relay Susan’s issues with Dollar Tree’s Facebook page but was met with a response just a little too late. Whether or not Susan’s vague recurring problems had anything to do with the Dollar Tree chain or not, at least the chain store was willing to try and find a solution.

23. We’ve all seen scam-y ads boasting that singles in a nearby radius are waiting to flirt, but most of us have learned to tune them out. This grandma, however, is looking for answers. A Redditor posted this screenshot, writing, “Meet my 86 year old grandmother.” Being ready to mingle isn’t age restricted.

Reddit /u/ tokyorockz

24. One would imagine that if you were at an Applebee’s that you’d probably inquire about your missing nephew to the staff there instead of a Facebook page representing all 1900+ locations, but everyone has their own way of doing things. Jason’s aunt or uncle may be a fan of Applebee’s, however, it’s clearly not mutual.

Reddit /u/ FPSRedHead


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