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Olivia Newton-John Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis Has Spread Into Her Back

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Most of us fell in love with singer/actress Olivia Newton-John when she starred in the popular movie Grease. Who could forget her iconic role as Sandy alongside Danny (played by John Travolta)? After that, she made albums and appeared in many more movies.

But sadly, Olivia has also had a history of health issues. In 1992, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This lead her not only to be an advocate for breast cancer research but also an advocate for other health issues.

She has become a huge spokeswoman for breast cancer awareness and still tours around the world for her music. But recently Newton-John’s breast cancer has returned and it is now spreading to her back. The 68-year-old shared the news with fans.

Olivia made the announcement about her diagnosis on Tuesday afternoon on Facebook. She also announced that she was putting her U.S. and Canadian tours on hold.

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According to, the star initially postponed the first half of her concert tour two weeks ago because of severe back pain.

#3 Daily MailDaily Mail

She thought it was sciatica but further tests discovered that it was actually the breast cancer spreading to her back.

#8 Daily MailDaily Mail

A close friend to the Grammy winner told PEOPLE: “She plans to be touring in August. They’re all very positive”

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