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There Are Only 4 Passport Colors In The World And This Is The Reason Why

As it turns out, there are only four passport colors in the world. Given how many colors are achievable in this world, four really doesn’t seem like a lot does it? 

It would be nice if our passports could reflect our personalities by being our favorite colors, but unfortunately, travelers have no say in their passport colors, so getting that aesthetically pleasing pastel pink passport is officially off the table.

Green, blue, red, and black are the only options available internationally and though there are no strict guidelines for determining a specific country’s passport color, it also isn’t left up to random chance either.

So, if it’s not left up to chance then what is the deal, right? Well, apparently it all comes down to national identity.

Red passports. Red passports are actually the most common color. They are commonly used by members of the European Union, except Croatia, and countries interested in joining them.

Every country is using their passport to match each other as a shared identity. Red passports are also commonly found in countries that have a history of communism or are currently using a communist system.

Green passports. Green passports are most commonly found in the Arab nations as green was the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad. Green is also the color of East and Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Taiwan.

This passport color is also fairly common in West African countries. Green states that the holder belongs to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

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