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24 Pictures Only Women Who Were Teens In The Early ’00s Will Understand


It seems like it was just yesterday when MSN was the way to your crush’s heart, healthy Tamagotchis were the epitome of good parenting and YuGiOh! Duels were the definition of your manhood or womanhood. But times have changed since the 2000’s and Facebook has replaced MSN, Tamagotchis have been replaced with real babies (see: MTV’s 16 and Pregnant) and card duels are conducted on smartphones as opposed to actual cards.

When I think about a decade ago I reminisce fondly on the late 90’s but in reality 10 years ago was 2007!

Here are 24 pictures that will make 2000’s girls laugh and then cry (with laughter.)

Yes, this was a flavor of frozen pizza back in the good old days. Who needs meat protein when you can get protein from beans? And extra cheese? Count me in! Just prepare to write an apology letter for any unfortunate soul that has to share a bathroom with you.


We always try to emulate celebrities. So when Christina Aguilera had her eyebrows ‘done’ a certain way, it created quite the following. Little did they know how long it would take to grow back.


Victoria Beckham’s style and fashion sense were long desired by many a teenager in the early 2000’s. I bet it would still turn some heads if someone rocked a Spice Girl outfit nowadays.


This gooey, alien puddle looking thing that kids loved to throw at each other and would always rip and stretch to the utmost limit. It didn’t help that anytime it fell to the ground it would accumulate a solid chunk of dirt, hair, and rocks.


The boy bands that basically every girl was obsessed with in the 90’s. The fact that they could dress like that on the red carpet and STILL have raging fans? That’s a feat in and of itself.


Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s ‘reality’ show, The Simple Life, was a hit to many millennials. The sad thing is that it no longer airs anymore.


GTL was a big deal. For those under a rock, it is the acronym for Gym, Tanning, and Laundry. Now not all of us can visit a tanning bed so we apply some fake tan. This is the inevitable result.


Jessica Simpson asking her then-husband, Nick Lachey, if it was chicken or tuna that she was eating at the moment.


We know this is an old photo when someone has a digital camera that does not also double as a smartphone.


Crimped hair which was all the craze back in the day. Why isn’t this more popular nowadays? I think it would still make a great hairdo!


Almost every teenage girl’s bedroom back then. Pictures upon pictures upon pictures of their favorite celebrity crush (or crushes.) Nowadays, smartphones filled with pictures of Justin Bieber have replaced literal wallpaper.


The old school way of measuring your feet as opposed to trying on every pair of shoe and then leaving the box, the pair of shoes, and its stuffing lying on the floor after you decide it doesn’t really look all that good.


These awesome lead pencils were sure to induce the ire and jealousy of some of your closest friends. That’s why you always end up missing one of those leads because your friends just couldn’t stand how awesome you were with such a pencil.


This was the way to get your crush to notice you. To ‘nudge’ them incessantly on MSN until they responded to you at which point you would profess your love for them.


Every girl wanted to be a princess at one point. And it makes it even more enticing when princes look that good.


These bracelets were hugely sought after by the average teenage girl back then. To have your whole clique all sporting the same bracelets with your individual names embroidered on them was the definition of cool.


Spice Girls were all the rage back in the day. During a time when boy bands were increasingly popular and sought after, the Spice Girls took the stage (literally too) by storm.


This hairstyle was imitated by many teens back in the day but only a small handful could perfect this distinct style.


Uggs used to go with every outfit and would be worn on every occasion. Besides a professional business attire. But other than that, it was Uggs.


Lindsay Lohan was more than just an actress in the 2000’s, she also acted as an idol and role model to many young girls. Her role in Mean Girls shot her to prominence and since then, fans have waited long and hard to see her return to the big screen.


These are the types of shirts that were worn to school on a regular basis to poke fun at the boys. Although still relevant today, these shirts were generally worn for either intimidation tactics or for flirtatious purposes.


The things a girl goes through to look good. These nasty looking hair straightener burns are no joke! There has to be a more user-friendly hair straightener that results in fewer injuries these days…


These charm bracelets that were so adored by young girls but would undoubtedly cause some sort of physical backlash.


The attempt to imitate a hairstyle but the use of a DIY kit only resulted in your hair no longer responding to bleach.



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