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24 Optical Illusions From All Over The Internet


The explosion of sharing pictures on the internet and social media in particular has led to some amazing trends. Not only have people been able to capture and instantly show the world some of the most breathtaking sights from around the globe, the sheer volume of photos has also created some interesting optical illusions. Who could forget these viral photos:

  • “The Dress,” a heated debate in 2015 over whether a dress was black and blue or white and gold.
  • “The Legless Woman,” an optical illusion from late 2016 that showed a couch full of girls confusingly missing one pair of legs.
  • “The Blurry Ham,” where people had their eyes checked in early 2017 when a pile of sliced ham looked out of focus.

Those are just some of the latest in a long standing tradition of internet optical illusions that have gone viral. The ideal internet optical illusion has not been Photoshopped in any way and should always cause the viewer to do a noticeable double take. 

Among these tricks, there are some fantastic examples of mind-bending optics. Here are 24 illusions that might take you a second to figure out. 

1. Do fish need flippers? This is like some sort of reverse mermaid. All the other fish have welcomed him into their school.

2. A freakish similarity to the Xenomorphs in Alien. The shadows are a dead giveaway, but it’s still shocking when you first see it.

3. A classic body-swap illusion. His head is so disproportionate to the size of his body, and her legs look great in board shorts.


4. It’s not illegal to marry a centaur right? Love is all that matters, no matter the species.


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