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I may avoid the camera like the plague but I know a lot of people love taking photos. What’s not to love? Little reminders of great times had with friends and family to be displayed in your home or to serve as the next conversation piece as a phone wallpaper.

Even if it’s not professionally done, a great photographer captures your moments all the better. Well, sometimes for worse. But either way, the final product is one that has the internet talking, or in some cases, scratching their heads at the validity of it.

These photos look pretty legit if you ask me so brace yourself for a bit of a mind boggle with these 24 photos.

1. God, how I wish dogs would be trapped in bubbles. I mean, not too high because you wouldn’t want the bubble to pop and have the doggies fall. It’s definitely more a fun idea than it is a real one we should be testing out. Lucky for all of us, this doggo isn’t actually trapped in the bubble, just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time.

2. Ugh, I hate these ones. Honestly, it’s just one of those photos where when you first glance it there doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. Though, there’s always something in our brains to let us know that what we’re seeing is actually pretty weird. Then the next thing you know, we’re sitting, staring at our computer screens, trying to see where one person ends and the other begins. No, that man is not bending in a strange way over his magazine. And, even better, he doesn’t have a random floating head beside him. That is indeed his girlfriend (or maybe just an affectionate, platonic friend) who is giving this guy a hug from behind.

3. I know this looks like a typical flame but if you take a closer look you’ll see that the flames actually make out the shape of a woman. The top of the flame looks like her hair while the rest of it looks like her face as she gazes down at something below her.

4. Oh, boy. You thought your dog was the guardian of the house before. This pupper may have just walked in front of some branches but let’s all live in a fantasy world where not only do our adorable dogs possess their usual cuteness but now also horns to scare away predators.

5. To the naked eye, these might look like ordinary bar stools and why wouldn’t they? Lined up perfectly in front of the bar like that. But if you peer a little closer you’ll see that that’s a row made entirely of drinks. It’s all about perspective, though, am I right?

6. Anyone who’s been in school knows that it doesn’t take much for a student to pass out of either boredom or exhaustion (it could be both, let’s not underestimate the college student). But this guy happened to lean down just in time for someone to catch him sprout a tiny head.

7. Remember what I was just saying about living in a world where cute dogs also had menacing horns? Maybe in that same world, we’ll have ice cream sandwiches this huge so I can hate myself even more after devouring one. Oh, and they’ll be real and not a disappointment. Curse you, misleading mattresses.

8. On the surface, everything looks good with this photo but if you look at the background there you’ll see what looks like a photo of this selfie-taker. It’s obviously just his reflection but given that I don’t know this guy, the penguin could have just as easily had his photo in his habitat before striking him down. He doesn’t look happy to see him so you know it’s a vengeance thing.

9. A hand. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh, yeah, except this hand actually has a band-aid on it. Yep, OP somehow managed to find a band-aid that matched their exact skin tone. Feel free to spend as much time as you want – I haven’t found the band-aid on their hand yet.

10. Just a casual day on the dock looking to score some fish when your dog decides to help you keep watch. The wonderful, furry company then morphs into some sort of weird, human and dog hybrid. It’s kind of like watching a cover of Animorphs right before your eyes, isn’t it?

11. Behold, for I am about to show you six new planets that have been discovered. Also, you should behold my lying because these are actually the bottoms of used pans. Artist Christopher Jonassen takes photos of a pan’s used back and shares them on his website. The results are pretty cool.

12. Looking at this one kind of takes me back to Friends when I would envy just about everyone (except Ross, of course) who got to live in Monica’s amazing apartment. The good news is that I don’t have to envy the tenant of this apartment too much given that it would be impossible to fit inside of a guitar. This is a guitar.

13. Hey, what’s this? Did I pull something off of NASA to show you? Is this the Earth during hurricane season? Nope. This is frost on someone’s car and the end result looks like a photo of Earth from space… that is if you ignore the brick wall in the background.

14. OP posted this photo on his wedding day with the caption that his wife’s wedding dress makes it look like he has hooves instead of feet. Despite the height and the fact that he’s wearing a shirt, he could probably pass for Mr. Tumnus. If only I could marry James McAvoy too…

15. Did you know that if the sun is directly overhead in Hawaii and you blink a couple times, you can pretend that you just stepped into a video game? No, these posts aren’t floating and no, someone didn’t just get lazy in their graphics. This is an actual shot of what the ground looks like in Hawaii when the sun is right over ya.

16. Okay, prepare yourselves. This isn’t fake. I know it looks like a detailed painting but this is a real-life photo of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. This park is pretty well-known for its dunes but also just the scenery in general. Look it up. The photos will blow your mind.

17. This might look like a nice trail to walk in the fall but the path in the middle is just a wet accident waiting to embarrass you. The way the leaves fell on the stream made it look totally solid when in fact is just wants to have you fall in, like Michael Scott in the koi pond.

18. Nope, this driver didn’t gun down a bunch of bugs or drive into a scene from The Birds. Like #13 on this list, this is a shot of frost on a windshield. The pattern created looks like this driver ticked off a bunch of pigeons but they were only attacked by the winter.

19. Hey, everyone. It’s a-him, Mario! Right? Wrong! Someone painted over him and turned him into his much-unloved brother, Luigi. The difference in the body would probably tip some people off but if that wasn’t enough to convince you, look closer at Mario’s — I mean, Luigi’s — hat. There’s a giant M back there.

20. Honestly, how cool would it be if Michael Scott’s face was on a watch? As if that show didn’t have enough Dunder Mifflin memorabilia to sell us when The Office was still going. I don’t know if one exists but this one certainly isn’t it. OP’s boyfriend just happened to have a watch that perfectly reflected the brilliance of Steve Carell.

21. Okay, rumors of the yoga mat bread and fake chicken aside, people used to love Subway (so I hear). But this NYC Subway has no other way to convince people to get in there other than to trick them apparently. Now, a commenter on this post says that the subway is somewhere in there but I wouldn’t have known about it.

22. This guy was probably just having a relaxing day on the merry-go-round, oblivious to the bottom half of him. This is just one of those unfortunate times when someone was lined up perfectly with something ridiculous. With that shirt covering the bottom half, though, it looks kind of legit. The man’s real feet are hiding in the front, though.

23. Behold, the rare chocolate doughnut that sprouts one at a time right out of the ground for your viewing pleasure. Only for your viewing pleasure, though, because this isn’t something you should be eating. What you’re looking at is actually a giant mushroom. It doesn’t look too appealing anymore, does it?

24. OP posted a photo of a piece of lint that is doing more with his life than we are. The lint looks more like a soldier trudging through water than it does like an ordinary piece of lint. No word on whether the guy completed his mission but we’re rooting for him.


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