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The Weekly Roundup Of All Our Favorite Things

You wake up on Monday. You realize you have to start a new week of work and it is just killing you. You grind it out all day. Then you get home, kick off your shoes and… Realize you have to do that for four more days.

It can be pretty hard, but maybe some of our favorite things rounded up from the internet will help you feel a bit better. Need a good laugh? We’ve got you covered. Need to feel inspired? We’ll do that too. Basically, these great items we’ve put together are our favorite things for a reason.

No matter how hard of a week you’ve had, you can just unwind and enjoy a good laugh. These funny memes, hilarious pictures, and inspiring quotes will help you feel a little better after all the hard work you do. Pour yourself a coffee, put your pajamas on, and enjoy your weekend with these great gems.

This is probably how we all felt on Monday. Trying to get things done without any disturbances can sometimes be an impossible task. That’s why this ‘do not disturb’ sign is one of our favorite things. It clearly sends the message that this lady does not want to be bothered.

Maybe part of your week was paying your bills. Yes, it gives you peace of mind, but it certainly doesn’t do much for your wallet. It’s always tempting to say “Why do I even need a phone? I just want a PS4!” Then again, we all have to be responsible adults. Why, though?

What if you walk into work one day and you see the Holy Grail. Somebody brought doughnuts! And not just any doughnuts; Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Your mouth starts watering and you open up the box to get yourself a sugary treat. Then you see that everything you were looking forward to is a lie.

Another thing you had to take care of this week? The dreaded dentist appointment (probably because you’ve been eating too many delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts). The dentist leans in and tells you that he has to fill a cavity. “Great,” you think to yourself, “Now I’m going to have the condition known as ‘floppy mouth.’”

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