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24 Overrated Wedding Trends That Need To Be Retired

When we attend weddings we look forward to seeing two people celebrate their love for each other. But we have to admit that there are a lot of wedding trends that are starting to get outdated. It can be watching the couple get cake in their faces or having to buy your own drinks at the bar.

No matter what these wedding trends are, we’re sick of them!

Below is a list of 24 overrated wedding trends that need to be retired.

1. The Cash Bar: For guests at a wedding there is one thing they look forward to compared to all else, that’s an open bar. When guests arrive and they find out that it’s actually a cash bar, they are severely disappointed. This is over-rated one wedding trend that really needs to retire.

2. The Sweetheart Table: This table makes for uncomfortable experiences all around. The couple is sitting up there looking at all their guests staring directly at them. Plus anyone who is at that head table is forced to have themselves on display also. Which is why this is one overrated wedding trend that needs to retire.

3. The Caked Face: This is one wedding trend that has been overdone for many decades. Guests aren’t even surprised anymore when the couple slices their cake and shoves it in their newlyweds face. But you know what would be surprising? If they didn’t do it. Which is why this overrated wedding trend needs to retire.


4. Gimmick Wedding Themes: This is a trend that is starting to become popular, but it needs to stop. We understand that the couple is obsessed with whatever they are theming their wedding. But the truth is, many of the guests are going to find it annoying to dress according to whatever theme the couple has picked. It’s best to let this recent overrated wedding trend to retire.

5. Requesting Cash Gifts: We all know that gifts should be bought for the couple when attending their wedding. But the one overrated wedding trend that needs to retire is the couple requesting cash. It’s a bit insulting to the guests. Think about it, it implies that you aren’t going to be good at picking out the gift they want.

6. Bridesmaids Bum Photos: Not every wedding includes one of these strange photos, but some do. We all know that brides love their friends and think they are the best, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see their bums in photos. Next time you take a group bridesmaid photo attempt taking it just of their faces.

7. Wearing Crocs: This goes for the couple and the guests of the wedding. Please remember that a wedding is a formal event that requires people, so dress-up. Wearing Crocs to a wedding is definitely an overrated wedding trend that needs to immediately stop. Out of respect for the couple and the sanctity of marriage, wear nice shoes.

8. Dollar Bride Dance: This is one wedding trend that is humiliating and outdated. Paying the bride one dollar to dance with her at her wedding is just weird. She has just married someone and giving her money to dance with her is insulting. This wedding trend needs to retire, especially in this day and age.

9. Shower Invite, No Wedding Invite: Weddings have become really costly over the years. This is resulting in couples only inviting a select few to the wedding, and more to the shower or reception. Even though this is smart for the couple, it results in their guests feeling undervalued. This is one wedding trend that should retire…weddings should also stop getting so expensive.

10. Bride Cakes: There is a trend that may not be super popular, but people do it. They make a cake that is shaped and looks identical to the bride. This makes for an uncomfortable experience when someone gets a slice of the cake, and it ends up being the eye of the bride. Best to skip this wedding trend in the future.

11. Updating Your Status: Since the age of social media, it has been hard for people to turn away from their phones. This is a problem at weddings also. When it comes to people using their phone at the wedding to update their status, just don’t do it. Enjoy the celebration of either your wedding or that of your friends. Live in the moment.

12. Headpieces: There has been a recent trend for the bride to wear extravagant headpieces. These headpieces end up hiding the beauty of the bride and make for one distracting wedding experience. Wearing a veil or tiara is fine, but don’t cover your entire face. Headpieces are overrated wedding trends that need to retire.

13. Giving Away The Bride: This is one overrated wedding trend that needs to retire because it is so old. What we mean by the giving away is by the father to the husband. Society has changed a lot over the years, thankfully, and now the bride gets to choose who walks her down the aisle.

14. Bouquet Toss: The whole throwing of the bouquet to all of the single ladies at the wedding is really outdated. It also is really awkward because it singles out all of the single women at the wedding. For those of you who are getting married or are thinking about their wedding, consider keeping the bouquet for yourself.


15. Super Revealing Wedding Dresses: There are some brides that really want to show off that body that they worked for hard for on their wedding day. But some guests may find these super revealing wedding dresses to be uncomfortable because they look at weddings to be a sanction of commitment and love. Plus we all know the bride is beautiful, every woman is, no need to be nearly naked on your special day. Save that for the honeymoon.

16. The Chicken Dance: Though we believe this chicken dance wedding trend is hilarious it really is outdated. There are other ways to break the awkward tension in the air at wedding receptions then to get everyone to do the chicken dance. Believe us, most guests don’t want to get up to dance in the first place. Let alone feel embarrassed.

17. Photo Booths: Photo Booths are a waste of money for the couple and they barely get used by the guests. And when they do use the photo booths they end up spending so much time in it that the other guests don’t bother waiting any longer. That’s why photo booths are an overrated wedding trend that should retire.

18. Signs: There is no need for there to be a lot of signs at weddings. Unless those signs are to distinguish what is in the food that’s at the reception, there is no point. And it makes your guests feel stupid. Let them figure out where the bathroom is, even if they have to ask someone. If they happen to need to ask someone, maybe that person will make a new friend. Win, win.

19. Party Favors: The guests that are given these party favors usually misplace them right after, or forget what they were even giving. In the end, these party favors end up being a waste of money. This is why party favors are a wedding trend that needs to retire. Instead of these favors, spend more money on the bar for your guests.

20. Naked Cakes: There are quite a lot of weddings now that are incorporating naked cakes. That means that the cake has no icing on it. Couples may decide to do this because of allergies that a lot of people tend to have nowadays. But the truth is, you can still use certain gluten-free icings instead. This means everyone will love the cake.

21. Sparkler Send Offs: Some couples want their send off to their honeymoon to be lit. The truth is, this whole process costs a lot of money and a lot of hassle for the venue. There can be a lot of problems that arise when these sparklers go off, and a lot of the time the couples don’t envision them the way they turn out and they get upset about it.


22. Mason Jars: When couples are planning an outdoor wedding a lot of the time they ask for mason jars to be used. These jars are able to have candles in them and be used for other options as well. But they make your wedding have a rustic look. Though there are some who don’t mind this, sometimes looking back at the photos it looks different than you thought it did in person. Making mason jars an overrated wedding trend.

23. Roast Toast: When someone gets married they don’t want to be ripped apart by their friends right after. Yet, this is what happens at a lot of weddings. Instead of standing up and telling embarrassing stories about the bride and groom, why not say nice things. Roasts need to stop being a wedding trend.

24. Long Gloves: Though these long gloves used to be considered beautiful back in the day. It made the bride look like royalty, but now it makes it seem that she is hiding her beauty from the world. These gloves also make for an awkward fashion look. Best to get a wedding dress that has sleeves built into them rather than adding a pair of gloves on your arms.


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