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28 Painful, Horrible, Terrible Things Most Girls Have Experienced


Being a woman is already difficult enough having to deal with things like inequality and the pressures of society. Paired with all of these turmoils, there are a handful of other annoying things that girls have to put up with such as,

  • Childbirth,
  • That time of the month,
  • Beauty standards.

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably noticed the differences in dress code between males and females. And with women constantly being advertised as thin and free of any body hairs or flaws, there is a lot of pressure on women to keep up.

All of these things can lead to some pretty horrible and terrible experiences that most women can probably relate to. Here is a list of 28 of those painful moments that all women will know too well.

1. Lipstick Fiasco: When you decide to rock a bold shade of lipstick and are feeling pretty confident, and then you do a makeup check in the bathroom and realize that there’s lipstick on your teeth and no one bothered to tell you.

2. Stairs: That awkward moment when you’re walking up the stairs and there’s someone behind you and you suddenly become hyper-aware that your behind is right in their face.

3. Mascara Problems: You know when you’re trying to do a subtle mascara look and you accidentally get a clump? So then you try and smooth it out and another clump forms? Then, before you know it, you have one big clump of an eyelash and you’re better off just starting over.

4. Hangnail: Okay so this doesn’t just happen to women, but when hangnails happen when you have a manicure it’s tragic.

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