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Pancake Art Turns Breakfast Into Works Of Art

If you’re a lover of breakfast, pancakes, and art of any kind then you’ll love this video of pancakes being turned into amazing works of art.

The video comes from Dancakes, a popular YouTube channel created by Daniel ‘Dr. Dan’ Drake and Henry ‘Hank’ Gustafson. The two began their journey in 2013 when a photo of one of Dan’s pancake creations blew up and went viral on the internet. Dr. Dan was soon coined ‘Dr. Dan the Pancake Man’.

Weeks later, Dan received a phone call from The Today Show. They invited him to appear on their show and Dan jumped at the opportunity. He invited his best friend Hank to come with him and the rest is history. Since then, Dan and Hank have blown up. Their YouTube channel (Dancakes) has over 160,000 subscribers with over 18 million views. The channel features pancake art of all kinds, ranging from anime pancake art to movie-themed pancake art, to even celebrity pancake art.

In this video you’ll see pancake art of Garfield, Scooby-Doo, Prince, SpongeBob and even a Harambe lookalike. Not only will you find yourself impressed by the art, but you may also find your mouth watering at the quality of the pancakes themselves.

The guys pride themselves on the quality of their work and their “no-nonsense approach to artistic integrity.”

They even do live events for pancake and art lovers alike, and are constantly trying to push past boundaries with the pancakes they create. There is no limit to what they can create with their art, and they are changing the way we look at breakfast one pancake at a time.

Check out the video to see their amazing skills at work. If you’re interested in seeing even more awesome pancake art, check out Dan and Hank’s YouTube channel for hundreds of more pancake art videos.


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