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16 Panoramic Photos Gone Horribly Wrong


Panoramic photography has become a feature on many new phones, which allows the user to take multiple pictures with horizontally elongated fields of view. The phone then sutures together the images to create one wide-angle shot. Panoramic photography can be especially useful when taking pictures of:

  • Large groups of people,
  • Skylines,
  • Scenic views.

While panorama photos can capture way beyond what a normal picture is capable of, there is a certain level of skill and patience required for the best results. Subjects moving mid-picture can sometimes have unexpectedly hilarious results.

Here are 16 panoramic photos gone horribly wrong.

1. Turns out if you use the panorama feature on your face, you’ll get a glimpse of your mug unraveled.


2. Trying to take a panoramic picture in a gym full of kids practicing gymnastics is next to impossible to capture without some blurred motion, but who knew that the results could be so nightmarish?


3. You’ll quickly learn when attempting to take a panoramic photo just how finicky your friends and family are. This picture went from panoramic to paranormal really quickly after one guy couldn’t stay still.


4. Taking a panoramic picture certainly requires more time than a quick snap, but it takes the exact same amount of time for everything to be ruined by an uninvited subject.


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