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Mother Whose Husband Left Her After She Was Paralyzed Finds Love Once Again

A British woman whose husband divorced her after she was paralysed has found a new lease on life and love through her personal trainer. Riona Kelly now describes going through her stroke and subsequent recovery as “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

In March 2015, Kelly suffered a spinal stroke that paralysed her from the waist down while she was at home with one of her children. While her husband claims that he asked her for a divorce the morning before she had the stroke, Kelly alleges he asked five days into her hospital visit.

Kelly says that her four children and her sister provided the bulk of her emotional support during her time in the hospital, and through the recovery process afterwards. As she told The Sun, she felt betrayed by her partner’s absence at “the time I needed my husband the most.”

After six weeks of being unable to move her legs, the doctors warned Kelly that she might not be able to walk again. But Kelly didn’t want to give up.

She endured hours of difficult physiotherapy to return some mobility to her legs. That was where she met personal trainer Keith Mason, who coached her through her recovery.

Eventually, Kelly was able to walk with the aid of a parallel bar. Now, she can walk short distances without her wheelchair.

But that’s not the only success that came out of her time in physiotherapy.

Kelly and Mason hit it off immediately. As Kelly told The Sun, “After our sessions, Keith and I stayed in contact. He would ask me how I was getting on, and our relationship blossomed from there.

He helped her not only with her paralysis but with the emotional turbulence of losing her spouse of 14 years.

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Kelly and Mason have been together for almost a year now. Although Kelly is still working to regain full mobility, she’s happy with the way her life is going. 

In her own words, “the children really like him and I finally feel like I’m living the life I deserve.”


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