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16 Examples Of Parenting Done Right


Anyone who has been through it has made it no secret that parenting is undeniably hard. The “dos” and “don’ts” of raising a child are constantly changing, which makes it almost impossible for any parent to realistically keep up with those trends.

However, some parents have found their own original way to raise their children and have won over the Internet in the process. From teaching lessons to family bonding, these parents are doing things their own way.

Here are 16 hilarious examples of parenting done right.

1. No kid doesn’t love playing with toy cars on those road map carpets. This dad found a way for him to get involved in his children’s playtime all while simultaneously receiving a massage.

2. Dads telling their daughters what to wear is a plea that most of the time does not end in their favor. This father found a great way to deter her from ever putting on a pair of short shorts again.

3. Once babies start to crawl, watching them becomes a game that just advanced a bunch of levels. This parent, however, has discovered a cheat by literally tying down their child.

4. Not only has this father found a way to be in contact with his child while surfing the web, he’ll know when to worry as soon as the cursor stops working.

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