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16 Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (December 17, 2017)


Parenting is hard. This is one of the ultimate truths in life. There’s no greater challenge than trying to raise children and hold yourself together at the same time. However, when you can share your parenting challenges with the world (and other parents), it makes things seem a little easier.

These tweets from parents show that sometimes your kids are treasures, but other times they’re just little monsters. No matter what they are that day, these parents truly, deeply love their kids. Even if they are slowly destroying your soul with innocent remarks about how you look or how you act.

Twitter is full of these stories, but these are the absolute best parenting tweets from this week. Many of them are relatable, some of them are so sad they’re funny, and some of them are just plain truths about being a parent. Whether you have kids or not, these tweets from parents are sure to make you smile.

1. A lot of people don’t think about the ways parenting is hard during the holidays. Just trying to shop with your kids in a busy mall has its own unique problem.

2. Letting your kids decorate the tree is a fun Christmas activity… If you can tolerate their ineptitude at proper ornament placement. Sometimes a mom just has to fix things.

3. Sometimes your kids will say something that devastates you, but then they follow it up with something that makes you feel better. Then they confuse you.

4. One of the biggest parenting challenges is taking care of your kids and maintaining your house. Sometimes though, you just start to let things slip.


5. Most tweets from parents remind you that the reason parenting is hard is that it never ends. The only respite is putting your kids to bed, and that doesn’t always work either.

6. Imparting wisdom to your children is one of the greatest gifts of being a parent. Sometimes though, the wisdom you impart is questionable at best.

7. The best parenting tweets are the ones that really resonate with an audience. What parent has had their kid try to convince them that a treat would make everything better?

8. It may seem easier, but parenting is hard in 2017 for one simple reason: kids need technology. iPads will now forever be cooler than toys.


9. Most, if not all, parents don’t have time to deal with every one of their kids’ requests. Sometimes you just need to get them to hockey practice.

10. Grandparents always say that having grandchildren is the most rewarding part of life. Obviously, it is because they don’t have to take care of them at the end of the day.


11. Even though parenting is hard, there are a lot of great lessons that come out of it. Most of those involve lying to your kids.

tweets from parentstwitter/@Cheeseboy22

12. One of the biggest parenting challenges is trying to take care of yourself. Sometimes you just want to count the leisurely walk to the park as your exercise for the week.


13. Many of these tweets from parents focus on one key thesis: getting old. Nothing makes you feel older than your kids asking you about an artist from your youth.

14. The best parenting tweets come from parents trying to understand the world of their kids. Sometimes that involves taking part in creepy new Christmas traditions.

15. Technology is rapidly evolving, and parenting has to evolve just as quickly. Unfortunately, children have the edge when it comes to learning how to use smart devices.

16. Telling people that parenting is hard doesn’t always do it justice. Sometimes you just have to compare yourself to something to let people know how it really feels.


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