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Parenting Rules That The Duchess Of Cambridge Lives By


You probably think wealthy individuals have nannies on deck taking care of their children. Not to say that celebrities don’t care for their offspring, but chances are they are more likely to be able to afford that kind of help. But things get more difficult when you’re royalty and your family is literally the face of money. You can’t just walk outside with sweatpants on, a ‘dad bod’ takes on a whole new meaning, and it’s not so presentable to have a royal baby drooling on the front covers.

But so far, the Duchess of Cambridge has done a remarkable job keeping the royal family looking as pristine (and cute) as ever!

Read on to find out 11 parenting rules that Kate Middleton lives by.

To start things off, Kate has educated herself by reading books and absorbing good parenting techniques. And this isn’t just relegated to books. Using online blogs, articles, magazines and those with experience around her can go a long way!

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She wrote a letter to the author of The Modern Mother’s Handbook: How To Raise A Happy, Healthy, Smart, Disciplined and Interesting Child, Starting From Birth, saying how much she enjoyed the book.

kate-middleton-parenting-book-562x562Today's Parent

The book, written by an anonymous author who is only named “the modern old fashioned mom”, says that there is nothing wrong when it comes to mothers seeking extra help.

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This is especially the case in the weeks and months following birth. And that is exactly what Kate did. After giving birth to Prince George, the couple headed back to Bucklebury where Kate’s family resides.

prince-george-outside-lindo-hospital-562x562 Today’s Parent

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