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After Parents Die Days Apart, Newborn Twins And Toddler Orphaned

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In a tragic series of events, newborn twins and their one-year-old sister have been orphaned following the death of their father and death of their mother just days later. The Associated Press reports that the father, Jevaughn Suckoo, was shot and killed at his home in West Palm Beach, U.S., while his girlfriend and mother of his children Stephanie Caceres, passed away ten days later.

Caceres passed away due to a post-op infection after the Caesarean she underwent to deliver her twins. Her manager Lina Niemczyk decided to create a GoFundMe page to help collect funds for the three children left behind.

In the description, she wrote, “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts we are writing to you on behalf of three small children who lost both of their parents in a very short period of time… We are all devastated, heartbroken and at a loss for words for all three of these children who will grow up never having gotten to truly know their parents”.

She adds, “In an effort to provide health, education, maintenance, and support to these three little ones, a GoFundMe account has been established in the children’s name.”

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The message goes on: “Thankfully Stephanie and Jevaughn were raised by a beautiful family that has accepted the challenge set forth by God.” 

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The message then explained what the fate of the children will be: “The grandparents are going to start over, now raising their grandchildren”

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Finally, in an effort to garner as much support for the young ones, she says, “We will never understand why we can only accept this as part of a divine plan and do what is in our power to help them.”

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Jevaughn’s aunt, Joni Saunders, recently commented on the tragedy during a charity drive for children, stating, “We’re just trying to figure out how to move forward from here.”

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This is a trying time for the family. Having to deal with and grieve the death of one family member is burden enough, but a loss of this magnitude is unimaginable. 

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The GoFundMe account was initially set up for a $100,000 goal. The goal has now been surpassed and the amount of donation is currently sitting at $128,629.  

The page is flowing with loving and supportive messages from family and well-wishers. One person commented, “I am so moved by this story. I wish I could help more. God Bless all of you”


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