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Parents Who Left 3-Year-Old In Corn Maze Overnight Speak Out And Their Excuse Has People Confused

Most of us are fans of the movie Home Alone. You know, that famous movie you like to watch during the holiday season when the family is getting ready to go on vacation and only realize once they’re on the plane that they completely forgot their son at home….ALONE.

You’d think this sort of stuff only happens in movies. I mean, how can parents forget their kids somewhere? Well, one family proved that this can also happen in real life. Only they left their son in a corn maze…overnight.

The boy was found scared and wandering the maze alone by a stranger. After an hours-long search for his family, he was placed in the care of child services overnight. It was only the next morning that his family realized their kid was missing and rushed to the police station.

So how exactly did they forget their kid? The family spoke out to news reports. Robert, the father noted that having a plural family make it difficult to keep track of all the kids.

He explained that he and his wife have 14 kids, 11 of whom they brought to the corn maze-including the 3-year-old that went missing.

On top of that, Robert’s sister brought two or three of her own kids, adding even more kids to keep track of. Between siblings and cousins, Robert noted there were four blond-haired boys of the same size.

#4 Pingle's Farm Market Pingle’s Farm Market

When it was time to go, Robert’s wife did take the child out of the corn maze and buckled him into his car seat, along with all the other kids. But then free donuts got involved…

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