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Parents Honor Baby Born During The Eclipse With A Unique Name

There are a lot of strange baby names floating around out there, but this one is actually kind of cute. Two new parents whose baby was born during the recent eclipse decided to name their child in honor of the astronomical event.

Freedom Eubanks and her husband Michael had joked about naming their daughter “Eclipse,” but since she wasn’t expected until September 3rd, they decided to go with Violet instead. When Freedom started having contractions the day of the eclipse, they had to set aside their sky-watching plans and rush to the hospital. In Michael’s words, “We realized that our joking about her name was going to become a reality.”

At 8:04 AM, Freedom gave birth to a baby girl, and the couple decided to change her name, christening her “Eclipse.” Eclipse is healthy but small, weighing in at 6 pounds 3 ounces and measuring just 19 inches head to feet.

Eclipse, along with all the other babies born in Greenville hospital that day, was given a onesie with a smiling sun wearing solar sunglasses.

Her parents are still in shock.

“It kind of still feels like it’s not real,” Freedom told WHNS. “It all hit me at once.”

14709558_GEmily Pollock

But they’re absolutely thrilled. As Michael told WHNS “Wow, my child is born on something that happens every so many years. It’s extremely rare.”

Baby Eclipse’s story has exploded on the Internet. Michael says that the family has gotten “a lot of support from people,” but also some “irrelevant backlash.”

He doesn’t really care what people think about Eclipse’s name. As he told WHNS, the whole family is just “happy we get to show off our little angel.”

When talking to Babble, he added, “It’s a good feeling that our daughter can take away all the racial and political tension just for a little bit.” 

An adorable name, certainly, but how to nickname her? As Freedom told ABC News, she plans to call her “Clipsey.”


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