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Parents Reveal Newly Adopted Sister To Surprised Daughters

The Pruitts, a family from Rowlett, Texas, has gone viral with a heartwarming video they posted of their two daughters’ reaction to their newly adopted baby sister. According to the parents, Shane and Kasi Pruitt, their daughters Raygen, 11, and Harper, 6, knew that they have been waiting to adopt a child for the past 10 months.

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The two girls also have two younger adopted brothers named Titus and Elliot. The newly adopted baby girl now makes them a family of 7. In an interview with ABC News, Shane Pruit says, “They would ask all the time, ‘Have you gotten a call? When is our brother or sister coming home?”…And they definitely wanted a sister.”

Shane, 38, and his wife Kasi, 32, received the call for the adoption on July 25 and were told that a newly born girl was going to be their daughter. They picked up their daughter the next morning but didn’t tell their children so as not to get their hopes up in the case that the adoption fell through, as it sometimes does during that stage.

The Pruitts left their home as their children were sleeping and arrived back a few hours later with their new daughter in her mother’s arms. Their father recorded his wife carrying their new child home and also captured the reactions of his two daughters who were standing in the kitchen when they walked in.

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