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Parents Share Photos Of How Much They’ve Changed After Kids And It’s Kinda Sad


#GotToddlered is the latest hashtag trending on Instagram and it’s relating to parents everywhere. No one said parenting was easy and there’s a reason!!

Parents took to Instagram to post pictures of their carefree selves before they had children next to an updated picture of themselves post-toddler and it’s hilarious! Say goodbye to those before and after pictures where you actually look good in the after.

Disclaimer: I’m 99% sure these parents still love their children, so let them have this moment to complain and give us all a good laugh in the process!

Look at this smiling woman, casually holding a glass of wine back in 2011 with no idea of what’s to come. I mean, she’s practically glowing! Fast-forward to 2017 and two toddlers later and you have an updated, #GotToddlered version and the result is terrifying. There she is, trying to sip – or maybe gulp – down her full glass of wine while one of her kids almost strangles her. 

Look at this man enjoying football Sunday, he’s so excited he’s literally screaming! Skip ahead to the #GotToddlered photo and there he is, no smile in sight. Is it the Pikachu onesie that’s getting him down, or the fact that he can no longer get a full Browns game in? Looks like he only has time for the highlights now.

The good old days of dressing up on the weekend, hitting a club with your friends and double-fisting alcoholic drinks. The only thing keeping this mom going now is double-fisting those two cups of coffee. I’m guessing what’s in that cup isn’t decaf, either. Someone get this poor woman an espresso, stat!!

On your left, you’ll see a headshot of a clean-shaven, stress-free man dressed up in a suit and tie and showcasing his pearly white smile. Shift your attention over to the right, however, and you’ll see a desperate, scruffy man in a casual blue t-shirt screaming from the pains of parenting. Looks painful.

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