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Mother Was Excited To Have Twins, And When They Came Out, Her Husband Couldn’t Believe What He Saw

New parents, Curtis Martin and Rebecca Horton, already knew they had beaten the odds when they found out they were expecting twins. However, they never anticipated how different they would look.

Having a set of twins is already a rare occurrence without the help of fertility drugs, but this surprised couple was treated to a newborn duo whose odds of existing were “one in a million,” according to Daily Mail.

Martin and Horton will certainly have no problem telling their baby girls apart as these non-identical twins were born with completely different complexions.

Curtis Martin, who is half-Jamaican, and Rebecca Horton, who is caucasian, joked while they were expecting their twins that they would come out different colors, but little did they know, that’s exactly what would end up happening.

A quirk of genetics had one twin, Kendall, taking after her dad’s darker skin tone, while Baylee ended up sharing her mother’s complexion. Non-identical twins are quite a rarity and happen when two separate eggs end up being fertilized by two sperm.

“When they were born we kept staring at both of them — we couldn’t believe it,” Horton told The Sun. “It was a lovely feeling and a big shock. One thing I know for sure is that family and friends won’t ever struggle to tell them apart.”

The contrast in complexions was not apparent at first, according to the twins’ father who explained that they were very puffy and red when they were born so their unique distinguishability didn’t come into play until later.

The twins ended up inheriting different combinations of genes from their parents, but that’s all that separates the rare duo. According to their mom, the two babies are already showing that they’ve got different personalities.

“They are totally different in character too,” Rebecca told The Sun. “Kendall is very laid-back and easy going, she will just sleep and sleep. Baylee loves attention and is very loud and needy.”

Rebecca and Chris admit that their twin girls certainly get a significant amount of attention although some people don’t think that they’re actually twins. While they may not understand just how special a duo they are yet, Rebecca hopes that they will grow to appreciate the anomaly that they are.

“They are completely unique and I think it will be something really special for them as they grow up,” Rebecca told The Sun. “It’s part of their identity and we feel very lucky to have them.”


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