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16 Parents With An Amazing Sense Of Humor


Whether you get along well with your parents or not, there are definitely times when parental humor is too pure not to laugh at. And it’s not just dads who have jokes! Humor is such an important quality to have and can make any situation lighter.

Having a humorous parent is probably both entertaining and also embarrassing at times. But it is important to remember that a light sense of humor never hurt anyone.

Here are 16 parents who have an awesome sense of humor. Whether it be a silly selfie or a present gag, all of these situations are bound to make you laugh or at least crack a smile.

Wow, awesome gift alert! That is until this person opened the box and found a shirt with an incredibly old joke on it. Parental humor as its finest.


And then there’s this parent who wants to know if they’re a bad person for doing this. I guess if it keeps your little one entertained and out of trouble, no harm no fowl?

This group of friends challenged their dads to take the same sitting position as them. Looks like they were able to pull it off this time!

And then there is this poor lad who moved out to his girlfriend’s place and ended up being pretty quickly replaced by a different family member.

Here’s a father who looks more ready for his daughter’s prom than she does. I think this is supposed to be the ‘waiting for my daughter’s date to arrive’ action shot.

And then there’s this Uncle who decided to construct a Jaws themed carriage for his nephew. It doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it very much. Can’t really blame him!

Whatever parent put these stickers on his kid’s car deserves an award. What better way to make sure they stay at the speed limit? Teen drivers are known to have a bit of a heavy foot so this is probably a good idea.

And then there’s this Dad who is suiting up for his first time driving with his daughter. Not sure who is more reluctant to get in the car at this point. This girl’s face is screaming ‘really dad?’

This guy’s mom told him that this was the only frame that she had. Definitely sounds fake, but alright. Now he just gets to be surrounded by royalty.

There was an escaped murder suspect near the home of this girl’s parents. When she texted to ask to see if they were okay, this was the response she got. Very funny, mom and dad.

Any time you go out to a new restaurant with your aging parents.

Clearly there is a favorite in this family. Why do I feel like that giant stocking probably belongs to another family pet?

After sending her parents a photo from Disney, she received this in response. What is it with parents imitating their kids?

The poor girl who asked her mom to pick her up a few black shirts and ended up with this definite bargain bin mishap.

This guy’s dad told him the dog would be getting his room once he left for college. When he got to school, his parents sent him this. I guess they were serious.

Finally, when this girl asked her parents to send her a selfie, she got this in the mail. Who knows if they were being cheeky or genuinely thought this was what she wanted.


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