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Wheelchair-Bound Woman Who Surfed While Duct-Taped On A Friend’s Back Has Tragically Passed Away

Pascale Honore was a 52-year-old woman who suffered T4 spinal cord injuries after getting in a car crash over 20 years ago. The resulting injuries left her wheelchair-bound but she reached international status after she went surfing while being duct-taped to her friend’s back. Unfortunately, she passed away over the weekend due to health complications.


Pascal gained mainstream media attention after a video went viral of her surfing on the back of Tyron Swan. Tyron is the son of one of Pascale’s friends, and she was duct taped to Tyron as the pair went surfing together.

Pascale sustained her injuries 20 years ago when her car rolled as she was driving between Port Lincoln and Elliston. But she died this past weekend from a twisted bowel after going through surgery more than a week ago. Her health deteriorated and she spent more than two months in a hospital in Byron Bay for the treatment of pressure sores.

Her son, Tom, said: ‘she is living proof that anything really is possible! I love you so much mum, and I know you will be watching over us for the rest of our days!’ It was more than two years ago when a video, along with pictures, surfaced of her getting duct taped to another surfer and then going for a swim. This resulting video inspired millions of people and she used it as a platform to show others that they can accomplish anything despite any struggles or setbacks. 


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