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See If You Can Pass This Detective Test

Personality is what separates us from each other. Some of us may be sociable and talkative while others are introspective and quiet. While there is no ‘perfect’ personality we can find out a lot more about ourselves and others when we think from someone else’s perspective.

But regardless of who we are as a person, being vigilant and observant of our surroundings is vital to our health and growth.

So by undergoing this fun ‘detective test’ we can find out just how observant you really are.

In this picture, you can see two women sitting across from each other while a child is playing between them. Can you find out which of the women is the mother?

If you guessed the woman on the left then you would have been correct. Mothers are more likely to face towards their child and the woman on the left’s body language shows the readers that her legs are pointed towards her child.

Furthermore, the posture of the woman on the left is that of protection and she is leaning slightly forward to protect her child at any moment. Furthermore, look at the posture of the child: he is facing towards his mother which is a regular thing that small children do since they want to get their parent’s attention while performing or doing some sort of activity.

In the next picture, two men are in front of a table with a glass and two pills. One man is a serial killer and the other is innocent. The serial killer lets the innocent man choose which pill he wants to ingest. One is poisonous while the other is just a placebo. Time and time again the innocent people survive while the serial killer lives. How is that possible?

The answer lies not in the pills themselves but rather in the glass of water that is needed to gulp down the pill. The innocent people always perish because it is the liquid that is poisoned and not the pill. The serial killer always lives because neither his drink or the pill is poisoned while the innocent man has a glass of poisonous substance to gulp down his placebo pill.

In this next scenario, two women go to a restaurant to have dinner. The woman orders five drinks with ice. She immediately gulps down four of those drinks while the second woman drank the last one. Later on in the meal, the second woman becomes deathly ill and dies. An autopsy shows that she was poisoned and that all the drinks at the dinner were poisoned. How does the first woman live?

The woman survived because the poison was in the ice. Since she gulped down her drink immediately, the poison was not able to melt and get into her beverage. The second woman who waited to drink got poisoned because the ice cube (which contained the deadly substance) melted into her drink and then she ingested it.

A man is found dead at his home with a pistol in his hand and a tape recorder next to him. When investigators go to turn on the recorder they hear: ‘I am tired of this life and decided to stop my pain and suffering,’ and then the sound of a gunshot goes off. Why do the investigators treat this as a murder and not a suicide?

If this was truly a suicide then the tape recorder would have continued recording since a dead man can’t turn off the recorder. Furthermore, if the man had killed himself the tape recorder would have started at the end and not the beginning. Thus, a killer must have killed the man and rewound the tape to the beginning.

And the final test: a detective visited a man’s house on Christmas day and said: ‘your neighbor says that yesterday, on Christmas Eve, he came to your place for a party and while he was here, you broke into his house and stole some valuable items.’

The man replies by saying: ‘that’s not true. Our family celebrated Christmas Eve at our friend’s place. We barely had time to decorate our Christmas tree.’ The detective immediately knew the neighbor was lying, how?

The lights on the Christmas tree are not only unplugged but they are also missing a bulb that is essential to it turning on. Noticing this detail, the detective can derive that the man’s family was indeed in a rush to set up the Christmas tree and as a result was not lying.

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