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Pastry Chef Creates Beautiful Chocolate Displays

If you’ve ever watched an episode of any cooking show, then you know that there are some incredibly talented people out there who have some serious skills. Although we admire chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, and Bobby Flay, the real underrated gems in the business are the bakers and pasty chefs. Not only do they have to be able to make the food taste good, but they have to be able to decorate their sugary treats as well. 

 Amary Guichon is a French pastry chef who is currently using his talents to impress the citizens of Las Vegas with his stunning creations. He started his food journey at a young age and began his pastry training at 14-years-old. Now, he’s exciting the world with his incredibly detailed chocolate desserts.


A quick look through his Instagram account, @amauryguichon, and you will see that some of his best creations are glossy cakes and chocolate treats. He also recreates everyday objects like handbags, chairs and flowers while ensuring that they’re edible and delicious. Guichon has even crafted a few scary pieces like the hand sculpted chocolate zombie head that took him a whopping seven hours to sculpt!

This is only a small sample of his incredible portfolio of work that’s available on his Instagram page. But be careful, if you head over to his social media accounts we think that you might start salivating all over your phone. But if pictures and videos aren’t enough to satisfy your cravings then you might want to visit him in real life by dropping by Jean Philippe Patisserie at ARIA in Vegas.

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